A new concept

It’s the week-end or you are on vacation in France, and you’d like to have a nice meal while meeting locals. Have you thought about meal sharing? A new trend, meal sharing is about eating at home with locals for a more authentic experience. Meal sharing is a nice way of discovering a region’s specialties and feel welcome to the home of a local French person or family. It’s also your opportunity to ask about local customs, things to do and places to see in the area.

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Why Guest in the City?

There are several reasons why Guest in the City is a great choice for meal sharing in France.

IMG_2141-1024x768Simplicity. Booking a meal on Guest in the City is simple. Select a region and a host, pick a date for the meal and confirm availability with your host. You will benefit from a secured payment system and a clear cancellation policy.

Multiple services. Guest in the City can connect you not only with hosts who will share meals with you, but also hosts who provide accommodation, and even cultural activities, like guided tours, visits, and cooking classes. This excellent selection of services and activities is what makes Guest in the City so unique and so appreciated by visitors.

Great hosts. Guest in the City carefully selects hosts you can trust and who can offer you quality meals and services. Hosts are selected based on their cooking talent, their honesty and their kindness. You can also check customer reviews on each listing to see if they enjoyed their meal sharing experience with a specific host.